Greetings from the GCSOM regional campus at Guthrie 

BreanaWelcome to Guthrie's Regional Campus of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM). Guthrie welcomes all our GCSOM medical students in their Phase 2 and Phase 3 years. We hope that you find our campuses and staff welcoming and supportive as you continue your medical education journey. 

My primary focus is to ensure an excellent experience in your clinical years. This includes securing preceptors, advocating for a challenging yet supportive clinical environment as well as advising students as they navigate the clinical years. 在世界博彩公司十大排名, students can rotate at the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre or Corning Hospital in Corning, NY as well as several clinics located throughout the Southern Tier of 纽约 and Northern Tier of 宾西法尼亚. Please reach out with any questions or to learn more about the numerous opportunities Guthrie can provide. 

Breana Losey, MS
Manager, Regional Education Specialist  

Clinical Rotations/Clinical Observerships/Shadowing:

医学专业的学生 (Affiliated Schools)  

医学专业的学生 looking to complete rotations at Guthrie should email or call Ann Andrada – Student Coordinator to check availability and status of the affiliation agreement with your school, as well as availability of the rotation you are seeking. 电子邮件: 安 电话: 570-887-6583  

医学专业的学生 (Non - Affiliated Schools) 

Audition Rotations and 4th Year Electives for students at non-affiliated schools: 

Apply through VSLO -  VSLO Student Sign In

Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO/VSAS) Students: 

Guthrie participates in the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program that enables medical students to pursue short-term learning opportunities away from their home institutions.  Guthrie offers elective opportunities to 4th year medical students through the VLSO request portal.   

Guthrie 安ually publishes a catalog of elective opportunities in each specialty and subspecialty.  In order to view the catalog, a medical student must have used other AAMC services (AMCAS, MCAT, etc.) or be invited from their home institution to access the VSLO application service.  Electives can be identified by using the AAMC Find Electives page and using GUTHRIE as the institution name


International Medical Graduate Shadowing/Observer Request:

IMG Candidates should be advised that due to limited availability of these rotations, you must be sponsored by a current Guthrie provider/Employee. Experiences are limited to one 4-week period with a maximum of 8 observers 安ually.  

Requests must be submitted no less than 60 days in advance. 

IMG Observership Request